North West Victoria
The vibrant wine and vineyards of North West Victoria have long been one of the major draws to the region. Victoria is an east coast state in south-west Australia. It covers rugged mountain ranges, national parks, vineyards and historic beaches. Melbourne, the state’s capital, has a stunningly beautiful warren of 19th century streets, and a central revitalised arts precinct. The Great Ocean Road cuts through the city centre.

The Wineries in North West Victoria draw visitors from around the country, as well as overseas to get a taste of world class Australian vintages. The Wineries of Mildura, Palm Valley, Geelong, Melbourne, Ballarat, and Beverley are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. The mild climate makes it a perfect year round destination for wine tours. The vineyards of Mildura produce award winning wines, and the wineries of Geelong and Palm Valley also produce some of the best Chardonnay in Australia. The Wineries of Melbourne and Ballarat have long established themselves as some of the leading wine regions in the country.

The area around Mildura is filled with quaint old towns, beautiful gardens and historic buildings. It’s home to many vineyards, with award winning grapes being produced all year around. The towns are small, with plenty of history and culture. The Wineries in North West Victoria have been producing some of the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in the country for many years.

Geelong, located north of Mildura, is another region drawing visitors to its stunning wineries. The cool climate, mild winters, and pleasant rolling hills make it a wonderful place to visit. Wineries around Geelong produce many different varieties of wine, with each variety offering its own unique personality. Some of the popular grape varieties in the area include Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz. Wineries are springing up all over Geelong, creating a new sanctuary for the enthusiast who loves exploring the new south Wales.

The most popular area for tourists visiting Mildura is its famous intersections. The famous roads that crisscross the city are Princes Highway, Main Street, Royal Park Road, and Broadbourne Road. At each of these intersections there is a variety of Australian made glass art and souvenirs to be collected. Visitors to the area can stop by at any one of these intersections and enjoy a glass of wine while admiring the artistry.

The final part of North West Victoria is Swan Hill. The area is known for being home to a number of quaint little shops filled with souvenirs and local produce. The street is lined with cafes, pubs, and food outlets that cater to visitors from all over the country. A trip to the Swans Hill Shopping Centre on Sunday morning will fill you with local freshness. It is possible to buy all kinds of locally produced products at this fair, including fresh fruit, handmade cheeses, homemade juices, and tea.

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