Australian Wine in 2021

After a fortnight of much needed relaxation, the excitement and anticipation for Australian wine in 2021 begin in earnest. With a multitude of vineyards scattered throughout the vast vineyards and hills of Northern Australia’s South West, the Australian wine industry is at a high point. With over half a million bottles of wine produced each year, it is no wonder that the Australian wine industry is flourishing. However, with such a great return on investment, it is no wonder that vineyards and winemakers are bidding against each other to create the best wines possible. A growing number of wineries are looking towards the future with ambitious plans to build new facilities and produce even more wine.

It is a time then for the focus to shift firmly on producing the world-renowned V8 which is so beloved of drinkers from around the world. This year will see the first production of the V8 in 20 years and, if everything goes according to plan, it should be done in October. This is a big step forward in the history of Australian wine as it means the end of decades of using the guzzler from the north. Another bold step is a plan by the Penrinderry Winegrowers to build two new vineyards adjacent to each other to enable the grape-growing region to continue expanding.

If all goes according to plan, the 21st century will witness not only an upsurge in Australian wine consumption but also the production of some of the finest sparkling wines in the world. The future of Australian wine looks extremely bright and promising with the current crop being hailed as the best in the world. However, it is hard not to be seduced by the prices of Australian wine, which have increased more than 25% over the last few years to reach new heights. If you love wine, you should definitely consider investing in Australian wine and getting involved in the exciting and highly profitable business of Australian wine in 2021.